The Potential node lets you define the potential function of your system.



The node has the following inputs:

  • Spatial Dimension ($x$): It inputs the values of $x$-axis defined in the Spatial Dimension node.
  • Scalars ($a$, $b$ etc.): It is possible to input scalar quantities to parameterize the expression.


The content field of the node consists of an analytical expression that defines the potential function of the system. 

Note that several helpful functions are available, see https://www.quatomic.com/composer/reference/quantum-composer-basics/expressions/.


After all the inputs are provided, the node gives the following output:

  • Potential ($V$) : A potential function defined by the written expression and its inputs. 


An example is shown below where a harmonic oscillator potential is defined with the spatial dimensions and a scalar representing the frequency of the oscillator. The output of the potential function is shown on the plot.