In Composer any program is assembled from a set of nodes. A node corresponds to a function which might take some input data and return an output. The reference is a detailed description of all nodes implemented in the Composer. The nodes have been grouped into the following categories:

Quantum Statics
Nodes representing physical objects that can be used to set up a simulation with a static potential.

Quantum Dynamics
Nodes representing physical objects that require a dynamic potential.

Nodes representing operators. Find the spectrum of the operator, or use the Hermittian operators to find an expectation value of a state.

Nodes related to defining real and complex numbers.

Linear Algebra
Nodes related to eigenfunction, eigenvalues, spectrums and linear combinations.

Nodes related to expectation values, variance, fidelities etc.

Nodes related to integration and differentiation.

Nodes that provide an easy way generate common visualization.