We have predefined a set of common plots so it is easy to examine and compare any system

You can save the displayed plot as an image and as .csv data

  • A plot to visualize a potential and the probability distribution.
  • Shows the mean position $ \langle x \rangle $ and the spread $ \sigma $, which is useful while time developing a state. 

  • A plot to visualize the energy-levels and eigen states of an arbitrary potential.
  • Show the propability distribution, with the real and imaginary parts. 
  • Show the internal energy $\langle H \rangle $ of any state. 
  • Comparison of states - useful when looking at an initial state and a final state

  • Map out any scalar values that develops in time. 
  • Map of control paths.
  • Useful when comparing the initial control path with the optimized control path. 

Visualize the evolution of the probability over time