Energy Plot

A plot to visualize the energy-levels of an arbitrary Hamiltonian.


  • V: Potential - the potential can be displayed optionally
  • H: Hamiltonian - the Hamiltonian to display the energy-levels of
  • $\psi$: state - a state can optionally be displayed


The main content is the plot itself. On the side, several options are available to add or remove certain aspects of the plot. Each part can only be shown if the associated inputs are connected and valid. All plotting requires the x-input.

The options are, from top to bottom (with required inputs in parenthesis):

  • The $N_{eigenstates}$ -input gives the number of energy-levels to be displayed
  • show/hide the potential (V)
  • show/hide the probability distribution of the state ($\psi$)
  • show/hide the real part of the state ($\psi$)
  • show/hide the imaginary part of the stateĀ ($\psi$)
  • show/hide the expecation-value +/- one standard deviation of the Hamiltonian in the state (H & $\psi$)
  • show/hide energy-levels (H)
  • show/hide eigenstates (H)
  • set y-axis limits
  • Reset view
  • Save image
  • Save displayed data