Expectation Value Time Trace Plot

A plot to visualize the change over time of the statistics of an operator wrt. a state, with optional comparison to an arbitrary number (e.g. an analytic result)

Each time-step, the plot updates to also show the latest information from all its inputs.


  • t: timedimension - required to set the x-axis of the plot. Nothing is shown if this is not set
  • $\hat{O}$: Operator - operator to calculate the expectation value of
  • $\psi$: state - state the expecation value is calculated in
  • Scalar: real number - an optional scalar value to be traced 


The main content is the plot itself. Each time the t-input is updated, the plot will show the current value of the expectation value, +/- the standard deviation, and the optional scalar.

In the bottom of the node are options to set the y-axis limits and the behaviour of the x-axis: if the "scroll" checkbox is checked, the x-axis will move and always only show a t-range from $[t_{current}-width, t_{current}]$, where width can be set in the lower-right textbox. If "scroll" is unchecked, the x-axis will squeeze to contain all information.

Currently, changing settings somewhere after t has been updated for some time may give weird behaviour.